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Steve offers exceptional value for consulting on educational innovations and topics about justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Passionate for uncovering clients' creative confidence, Steve empowers and encourages educators and leaders to think outside the box of possibilities by transforming ideas from the inside.

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    Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    Facilitates conversations and develops educational programs on JEDI topics for education

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    Instructional Design

    Analyzes, designs, develops, delivers and evaluates instructional programs and outcomes

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    Professional Learning

    Develops professional learning for educators focused on student-centered outcomes

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    Teaching & Training

    Leads and facilitates engaging and relevant learning experiences for education and business

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    Visual Literacy

    Creates strategies for making and organizing message design

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    Creative Confidence

    Ignites and inspires the creative potential inherent in every person

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    Improves curriculum design with motivation strategies


About me


Steve is the founder of DivergentED Consultants, offering custom solutions for the challenges within instructional technology, curriculum design, and instructional systems design. His goal is to help educational leaders be more effective in creating faculty-responsive and student-centered learning for online and in real-space. 

He is passionate about inspiring and engaging teachers in their profession, as well as providing the support teachers need in their pursuit of innovative and divergent thinking for teaching. Steve's expertise includes facilitating, coaching, and training higher education faculty who are transitioning to online teaching methodologies. He provides webinars on the integration of instructional resources into learning management systems like Canvas and developing student-centered, interactive online resources.  

Steve McGriff

"Technologies are powerful tools for teaching. In the hands and mind of a confident educator, edtech can inspire students to experience deeper learning beyond the classroom and to imagine solutions for undiscovered challenges"

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A Doctorate Degree Cannot Open All Doors

A routine faculty consultation on lecture slide design changed my dream job as Academic Technology Lab Manager into a stepping stone for my career. After a productive work…

Creativity-Powered Learning

Many teachers hear “I’m not creative” echoing from their students when starting a project that requires them to make something. In many students’ minds, the thought of doing…

Chase the Lion!

It’s a crazy idea to chase a lion. Your brain signals you the strong impulse to run the other way, fast! I decided to live divergently, that is…

I’m not creative!

Uncovering the lie to reveal creative confidence in ourselves “I’m not creative!” is a typical statement. It is also a lie that’s often repeated in our minds, typically…


I regularly send out updates, advice, presentations, and resources. 


I have worked with Steve for over a decade, and cannot name a more good-natured, patient, and knowledgeable professional. He cares deeply about doing a job well, and has the kind of interpersonal rapport that can make meetings and trainings with education professionals at all levels much more productive

Rushton Hurley

Educator, motivational speaker, author, and executive director of Next Vista for Learning.

I just watched the replay of you presenting Thin Slides. I am currently in a credential program at Hope University. Kim Voge was my teacher tech professor last session. That's why I decided to 'come' to CUE BOLD. I had no idea what I was going to be learning...but wow! I loved your presentation. But the reason I wanted to email you was the economics teacher at the end that wasn't tech savy. That is how I felt entering Voge's class...I have learned so much...but now know there is so much I don't know YET. The way you responded to her warmed my heart. It also helped me take a breath, knowing there are people out there like you and Kim so willing to help others become amazing teachers as yourselves. 

So thank you for being you. I am so excited to start putting this to use one day. But now I know I have some new stuff in my teachers tool belt. 

Desiree Jacobsen


Steve has managed to accomplish a rare feat: he is dedicated to both the mission of his consulting business and the personal development of his collaborators and clients. His keen intelligence, great sense of humor, and caring personality make working with Steve effective and fun, even during stressful times.

Monica Sain

Co-Chair of SBCAE Transition Specialists Work Group & Faculty Intern, West Valley-Mission Community College District

Steve Mcgriff is creative, collaborative and insightful. He's wonderful to plan with and executes with precision

Jon Corippo

Educator- Author - Speaker - Teacher

Steven is a strategist and visionary leader in higher education. He delivers valuable and timely solutions through innovation, team development, and collaboration. He has a proven ability to articulate value to a diverse audience in order to achieve buy-in for technology integration, and utilization of
instructional technology

Dr. Heeyoung Kim

Director of Faculty Development, Teaching and Learning Center, Rider University

Send your questions, comments, ideas, recipes, inspirations and requests for speaking or consulting.

Contact me for a one-on-one consultation about your professional growth or for your school, district, or business needs. I can offer you an inspirational, creative confidence-building session, or keynote presentation.

Need a longer-term commitment? Ask me about group facilitation and transformational change strategies for building student-centered learning environments, developing cultural competency leadership, and integrating design thinking for problem-solving.

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