Steven James McGriff, Ph.D.

DivergentED Consultants
creatively imagining education

Steven J. McGriff, Ph.D., is the founder of DivergentED Consultants, offering facilitation and instructional systems design to help educational leaders and school districts be more effective in creating student-centered learning environments. He is an expert divergent thinker, visual literacy coach, instructional systems designer and professional learning developer. He teaches and leads teams in emerging pedagogy and technology. Steve creatively applies design thinking to connect, synthesize and uncover possibilities for educational transformations. He has developed professional learning programs that empower and inspire education leaders to use digital media that nurtures skills in problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration. He presents at national and international educational technology conferences to empower educators with creative confidence in using student-centered pedagogy and uncovering their visual literacy skills. As a consultant, Steve mentors clients to persist and persevere in pursuit of organizational or professional goals and effectively leads team processes.


DivergentED Consultants is an educational transformation organization that guides teachers and school districts to more effectively create student-centered learning systems.

BLOG VISION : Celebrate divergent education practice


We inspire teachers and educational organizations to develop student-centered learning environments and build knowledge and skills for creative confidence, educational technology, visual literacy, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity & problem-solving.

For more information about Steve’s professional profile as a consultant, presenter, and workshop designer, visit stevenmcgriff.com or post a reply message below.

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