Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion. Advises school leadership teams about JEDI, raising cultural awareness, and promoting unity that leads to belonging.

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Instructional Design. Analyzes, designs, develops, delivers and evaluates outcomes using systematic methods; Creates learning experiences that meet instructional challenges

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Educator Professional Learning. Develops professional learning for educators seeking to build confidence for creating student-centered learning

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Visual Literacy. Teaches visual literacy skills for education projects using images, symbols, icons, and words

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Creative Confidence. Ignites the creative potential inherent in every person; teaches design thinking process

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Teaching and Training. Leads and facilitates engaging, relevant learning experiences in education and business

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Steven J. McGriff, Ph.D., is passionate about uncovering clients' creative, educational, and cultural confidence. He applies expertise in systems change and instructional design to take leaders through an experiential transformation in pursuit of solutions to workplace challenges. Steve synthesizes and integrates research literature to develop unique solutions for K-12, higher education, and business leaders. He is skilled in educational psychology, cultural competence, adult learning, coaching, visual communication, presentation design, public speaking, and design thinking.

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    20+ years as faculty & consultant for higher education 

  • graduation

    15 years designing & delivering learning programs

  • pen

    12 years developing & leading professional learning programs for educators

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    Educational technology conference presenter (CUE, ISTE)

  • book

    Advisor, mentor to school leaders on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

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    Public Speaker

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Skill List

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    Educational leadership

  • graduation

    Curriculum design

  • pen

    Student-centered learning design

  • 275-female-and-two-males-outline

    Faculty & staff development

  • 426-brain-outline

    Creative & design thinking

  • 437-environment-eco-care-outline (1)

    Coaching / Mentoring

  • 118-brush-outline

    Graphic design / Infographics

  • 402-legal-balance-legal-outline

    Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

  • 436-love-care-outline

    Pedagogy / Ed. Psychology

  • 186-puzzle-outline

    Group facilitation

  • 479-computer-laptop-notebook-outline

    Academic technology management

  • 19-magnifier-zoom-search-outline

    Educational research

  • 194-refresh-outline

    Systems change

  • 204-chat-message-heart-outline

    Social media for educators